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Prospective Home Buyers

Are you thinking of buying your first home but you do not want to wait the long time period to find the perfect house? Well, there is a simple solution. We help you find the perfect house in Long Island within your budget. We are a company called Abstract Property Improvements.

Long Island Home buyers

You can receive a free consultations by calling our experts. You can reach us at 516-858-0600. We love to help people buy their homes fast for cash or help obtain funding quickly.

Our company, Abstract Property Improvements is a local business located on Long Island and we have been in business for nine years. Plus, we have been labeled the number one home buying company in Long Island.

We are a team of professionals who invest in real estate. We are very knowledgeable with legal resources, real estate, and how much it costs to fix certain items. This means that we give fair prices based on our extensive knowledge of real estate.

Our company is a local solution to your problem. We give free as-is cash offers on the spot and can give you estimates over the phone. We want to buy houses for cash in Long Island. We have bought many houses over our nine years of business and we have a great record with our customers.

A very important step in the home-buying process in Long Island is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage: This will give us an idea of the price range that you can afford so that we can go out and find the best deal on a home that is right for you.

Getting pre-qualified will require that you provide a lender with some basic information on your income, assets, and debt. We can arrange to have this done for you at no cost.

Another benefit in getting pre-qualified is that it is an expression of your seriousness in purchasing a home, which may be a deciding factor in a situation of competing offers from other not-yet qualified buyers on your dream home.